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Product Information

Golden Cat Litter

Contains natural volcanic mineral, a powerful natural odour controller that locks ammonia and other contaminates

Golden Cat Litter is made from high quality Bentonite. Thanks to the fine texture is the scattered soft to the sensitive cat paw and very popular. The advantages of golden grey cat litter at a glance: – Fine bentonite (Grey) – clumping cat litter – approximately 380% absorbency – very low amount of dust – with light baby powder scent the tone that for Golden Grey Cat Litter will have a Full marking such as this, is a pure natural product. This is Einerder reasons why cats scattered no matter what and easy call answer. Thanks to the large absorption force (approx. 380% absorbency) encompasses golden grey moisture and unpleasant odors an immediate. At the same time a light, pleasant baby powder scent released.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Clumps are easily scoopable
  • Safe for cats and the environment
  • Virtually dust free
  • Long lasting
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