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Beaphar Sherley's Lactol Powder Milk Replacement 250g

A Vitamin fortified milk food in powder form for puppies, kittens and other small animals. It is the closest thing to bitches milk, and is also beneficial for expectant and nursing bitches and invalid Dogs.

Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk is a complete milk replacement for orphaned puppies. It is suitable for newborn puppies, weaning puppies, pregnant or lactating dogs, or for sick or convalescing dogs. Lactol is made from easily digestible whey powder and closely resembles the natural mother's milk.


Add Lactol Puppy Milk to warm, non-boiling water and mix until everything has dissolved. Let the mixture cool to body temperature (38ºC), after which it is ready for use. Older animals prefer to drink their Lactol Puppy Milk cold.
Prepare Lactol Puppy Milk with clean and sterile materials, this is particularly important for young (newborn) animals. Pre-prepared Lactol Puppy Milk can be kept in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Re-heat the milk to body temperature before feeding young animals. Make sure that the animal has access to plenty of fresh drinking water.

Recommended basic mixing ratio: add 30g (12 flat measuring scoops) of Lactol Puppy Milk powder to 105ml of warm, non-boiling water and dissolve the mixture to make 130 ml of milk.

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