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Kitzyme Tabs 300S

Kitzyme Conditioning Tablets help to promote health and vitality, and can be given to your cat as a deliciously healthy treat.p With a fishy flavor,

The Kitzyme tablets should be easy to administer to cats, who are often very fussy and difficult when it comes to taking tablets!

The Kitzyme tablets however, will be seen as a tasty reward that your feline wont be able to get enough of Kitzyme.

Conditioning Tablets are specially formulated with B-complex viatmins and minerals which are important for your cat to maintain an optimum health and fitness. p Fed consistently (recommended daily),

  • Dermatologically tested.
  • 100% Safe Product to Use.
  • High Quality Product
  • No Harmfull Chemical
  • B complex Vitamins for cats
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