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Product Information

Seepet Chemi-Free (Natural Germicide & Deodorizer)

  • Contains 100% natural ingredients such as Scallopshell which fine from Hokkaido, Japan & it's safe because we use the material specified for additives.
  • It is safe for pets to lick. There is no restriction on the place of use.
  • When touching the human skin it becomes neutral, so the owner can use it with confidence.
  • Can be used safely even at home with children.
  • Odor will not return cause it decompose and eliminate odor causing bacteria.
  • Remove fungus, bacteria, suppress growth, you can protect your pet's health.
  • Deodorant of space, deodorant of pet supplies, cleaning up is fine with this one.
  • Flavor-free. Because it does not cheat with scent, it does not hate pets.
  • It can Protect pet family as well as the sanitary environment of the whole family. It can also eliminate norovirus and food poisoning bacteria.
  • Environment, owner, pet, all friendly materials only.
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