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Product Information

Simparica  Tablets For Ticks, Fleas and Mites - 1 x 6tb (80mg each)

  • Tablet for ticks , fleas & mites - Meat Flavoured
  • Contains 6 tablets. 80mg each
  • A Sarolaner drug-containing Tablet with a Liver Flavor that is made exclusively for Dogs
  • Monthly dose will protect your dog from Ticks and Fleas for 35 days
  • Zoetis, the world's No. 1 veterinary pharmaceutical company, manufactures in its Swiss  manufacturing plant. 
  • Approved by the US Food and Drug Authority (USFDA).
  • Kills fleas before they lay eggs.
  • Kills 5 types of ticks.
  • Starts killing Fleas within 3 hours.
  • Starts killing Ticks within 8 hours.
  • No serious adverse reaction at 2mg/Kg body weight.

Dosage and Administration

  • The whole tablet can be given directly or broken into pieces and mixed with the dog's food.
Body Weight Sarolaner per Tablet No. of Tablets
10Kg - 20Kg 40mg 1
20Kg - 40Kg 80mg 1
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