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Medium/Large Dog Heavy Duty Training Stainless Steel Slip Chain Choker

A cool dog should have a cool, designer dog collar! Perfect as a pitbull collar, our fancy dog chain is strong, stylish, and comfortable. This thick gold chain is made of ultra-strong 316L Stainless Steel of 70 cm length, which will NEVER rust or irritate your dog's skin.

Badass Dog Jewelry- Dog jewelry and designer dog collars keeps getting more popular, but most are made for small wimpy dogs. The heavy duty design of this collar will make your pitbull or large dog look even more badass! Strong & Durable- Stainless steel is incredibly strong and will never rust or tarnish, making it the perfect material for a metal dog collar. Each dog collar is made of solid 316L stainless steel, and has a polished finish.

The Gold Chain Pets Safety Collar is made of stainless steel with gold plated for aluxurious and tough look. It is durable enough to with stand even the harshest elements and active play activities. It is adjustable and fits pets of all sizes. This stunning pet collar will look beautiful on your furry friend. The ends of the links are also carefully rounded to prevent injury to your dog.

  • Thick Gold Chain.
  • Badass Dog Stylish Jewelry.
  • Strong & Durable.
  • Stainless Steel with Gold plated.
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