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Pedigree Chicken & Milk 10Kg - Puppy 

PEDIGREE Chicken & Milk for Puppy is a wholesome meal, packed with essential nutrients vital to the healthy growth of your pet. The natural goodness of cereals, chicken, meat, soybean, carrots, peas & milk blend into a tasty treat for your little one.


Meat and Meat by-products, Chicken and Chicken by-products, Vegetables and Vegetable by-products, Vegetable oils, Milk powder, Iodized salt, Essential Vitamins and Minerals, Cereals and Cereal by-products, Permitted Preservatives, Antioxidants and Flavors, No beef or pork.

  • Soft & shiny skin and coat: The new Pedigree® contains special vegetable oils for healthy skin and coat.
  • Strong muscles: The new Pedigree® has high quality digestible animal Protein from meat & cereals.
  • Good digestive health:Pedigree® has excellent digestibility: ~ 85%: Fibre from vegetables and cereals for bowel movement.And Result in smaller and firmer stools.
  • Healthy bones & teeth:The new Pedigree® contains optimal Calcium levels and right ratio for Ca:P. And Kibble design: for chewing and mouth feel - good for dental health.
  • Better immunity: Good source of natural Taurine and other Antioxidants which comes from (fresh) meat. Vitamin E which helps in strengthening the dog’s immune system.
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